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Fibre Optics

Your new home is in an estate that delivers its telecommunication and entertainment services via a Fibre To The Home network (excluding NBN)?. This would allow your home to have a clean roof as external antennas are no longer required and your home is ‘future ready’ to be connected to new products as they become available.

Fibre-to-the-Home is a technology that uses fibre-optic cable (instead of copper wire) to deliver telecommunication services such as telephone, internet, television1 (free to air and subscription) and other digital data services to a home.
The overwhelming advantage of FTTH is that services can be transmitted with a higher quality and speed – well in excess of any currently available alternatives.

Homes that are provided with and wired for, FTTH are not restricted by the speed, volume and service limitations of a traditional copper-wired network.

Yet another level of ‘smart solutions’ is home networking. With one hub, Dezign create a centre for networking all your data, video and telephone needs. This includes your fax, Internet, audiovisual, surveillance cameras and security interface.

Imagine being able to distribute broadband Internet to multiple rooms, or watching HDTV, a DVD or Pay TV on any TV in your home. Your own structured cabling network also accommodates print sharing, file sharing and network gaming.

By cabling your home with, you can prepare yourself to take full advantage of all that the NBN has to offer.

NBN Installation

Custom Solutions

From the kids doing their homework, to downloading the latest episode of your favourite show to streaming your favourite songs live from I-Tunes. Fibre to the Home opens the door to boundless technology options you didn’t even know you had. The right design and installation can help maximise your enjoyment of what the world wide web has to offer.

Dezign can tailor a FTTH solution to suit Your needs: today and tomorrow

National Broadband Network


The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an upgrade to our existing telecommunications network. It provides the infrastructure for affordable, high-speed internet and phone access for all Australians, regardless of where you live. With incredible wholesale speeds of up to 100Mbps for downloads and 40Mbps for uploads, the NBN offers high-speed internet. Dezign can wire your new house ready so it’s a simple “plug in” of the NBN equipment as soon as it arrives in your street. After an NBN fibre region has been declared “ready for service”, residents will be given 18 months’ notice that a number of services in their area will be switched off.

NBN Diagram