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Multi Room Audio

Connecting your home to the technology resources you need

Media Boxes

Multi room audio is fast becoming a desired feature in many homes and offices. Prestige by Dezign can configure multi room audio systems with minimal disruption, whether the kit connects through a media centre, CD player or a dedicated media server.

Your multi room audio system can be controlled with one touch of a button changing the music throughout your home, whether your entertaining friends or having a night in, changing the music is simple.

Custom Solutions

Be it Sonos, your favourite CD or just Dad’s preferred radio station. Listen to it anywhere, any time. Prestige by Dezign will make your home, your castle with any number of Multi-Room Audio solutions.

Dezign can tailor a package to suit Your needs!

Mobile Interfaces

Prestige by Dezign can install any size of speakers throughout your home or office. The speakers can be integrated into the building with minimal intrusion. No wires will be seen and the speakers can be installed so that they are barely visible if need be.

It’s your home – make it fun, and enjoy home entertainment options from Prestige by Dezign!

Home Theatre

Home Entertainment

Chances are your home is the most important thing in your life. Whether it’s your first starter or ultimate dream-come-true masterpiece, your house sets the stage for the way your family lives and plays. That’s why you should consider personalising your home by fine-tuning its ambiance to envelop your senses in every possible way. Blending high fidelity and architecture is one way to complement your individual lifestyle. Because it’s not just how your home looks that makes it magic to live in, it’s also how it sounds that sets it apart and enables it to touch your family and friends in special ways.

If you’re including C-Bus in your home, then the C-Bus Multi-Room Audio system is an absolute must. From a single zone on the back patio to a complete multi-room, multi-source system that’s completely flexible. Each music location (music zone) can have its own local source, such as a CD player or MP3 player, so everyone can listen to their favourite music in separate rooms without affecting the rest of the family.