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A ducted vacuum system is a vacuum system that lies behind the walls, and you plug in a vacuum attachment in each wall when you want to clean it. You can retro-fit a ducted vacuum system but usually it’s best to install one when your home is being constructed or renovated.
The key benefit of a ducted vacuum system is ease of use – you can vacuum your home without carrying a vacuum cleaner around which is particularly useful in a large home.

Ducted Vacuum Systems are a very handy system have installed in your home, though the retractable hose systems are something else, they incorporates where the entire length of the hose, being up to 15 meters long, is retractable and encloses completely into the actual ducted vacuum inlet valve.

Other advantages of a ducted vacuum system
  • Peaceful cleaning – because the motor and fan is usually located in a garage or laundry, there’s less noise while you clea
  • Less effort – no carrying around a heavy motor, no electrical cord. Just plug and clean
  • Powerful – the suction power of a ducted vacuum system can often be better than normal vacuum cleaners, and there is a wide range to choose from that suits your home
  • Better removal of allergens – because there is no motor in the room, and the filtering system is in a different room, there’s less recirculation of allergens both while you clean and afterwards
  • Longer lasting – a ducted vacuum system lasts far longer than some conventional vacuum cleaners
  • Adds value – to your home if you should choose to sell it

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